Product Registration & Warranty Status

Register a new ioSafe device and check your registered device’s warranty

Register Your ioSafe Device

Quickly and easily register your ioSafe device using our online registration form.

To get started, enter the Serial Number on the back of your ioSafe device.?
Here’s what it looks like.

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Why Register?

When you register your ioSafe device with factory-installed hard drives, you’ll get an included:


Free 2-year hardware warranty


Free 2-year Data Recovery Service (DRS)


5-year DRS upgrade?option to extend your ultimate protection

Check Warranty Status

Did you register your product, but want to see how long you’re covered under warranty + DRS?

To view your warranty status, enter the Serial Number on the back of your ioSafe device.
Here’s what it looks like.

With DRS, We’ve Got You Covered

Hardware failure happens. After years of wear and tear, your hard drive is bound to hit the end of its life span. Worse yet, it’s not something you can predict — and that means risking losing all your data. We understand that your data’s invaluable. You want to protect it??whatever it takes.

That’s why we offer 2 years of Data Recovery Service (DRS), free with every registered ioSafe device.?ioSafe’s data recovery experts offer in-house, forensic recovery. For any loss, no matter the reason.

Any Loss. Any Reason. Really.

Disk Failure


Human Error

Power Failures

Accidental Deletion

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