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ioSafe has been featured in hundreds of news stories in media such as The Wall Street Journal, Wired, ZDNet, Discovery Channel, INC, CNBC, BBC, The New York Times, and Popular Mechanics. We’ve collected and curated the best of these stories for your reading pleasure. If you’re a journalist or blogger who’s written about ioSafe, our data protection and recovery products or solutions and your story is not included here, contact us.


ZDNet:?ioSafe Solo Hawk rugged SSD: One of the world’s toughest external storage drives

September 2019

Do you want an external storage drive that doesn’t mind getting wet, crushed, driven over, and generally mistreated, and yet will keep your data safe and secure? Want a storage drive that comes with a warranty and data recovery service protection? You need to take a look at the ioSafe Solo Hawk.



AnandTech: CRU Acquires ioSafe, Creating Disaster-Resistant Storage Powerhouse

July 2018

CRU last week took over ioSafe, creating a company that owns both software and hardware assets to create disaster-resistant storage solutions. Given their different specialties, CRU and ioSafe do not have products that compete directly against each other, so the product lineups of both companies will continue to complement each other in CRU’s future family of devices.



PCMag: The Best Rugged Hard Drives and SSDs

May 2018

Need portable storage that can survive a wilderness trek…or just the worst commute ever? Here’s what to look for, plus reviews of the best tough drives we’ve tested.